Brit Ha-Khashmonaim

Hasmoneans League


Brit Ha-Khashmonaim (Hasmoneans League) pro-Jabotinskian semi-military religious youth (12-18 years old) movement which was acting at Poland and Palestine during the late 1930s early 1940s.


Brit Ha-Khashmonaim principles:

- A Hasmonean is faithful to the God of Israel and is ready to give his life to sanctify God's name, Torah, people, and land;

- hopes for the coming of the Messiah and longs to establish the Kingdom of Israel;

- loves every individual Jew with all his heart;

- intends all his actions to be for the sake of Heaven and is of exemplary character and behavior;

- continues in the tradition of the Hasmoneans and Zealots and is prepared to enlist in the war of liberation;

- scoffs at cowardice and surrender to an enemy and reinstates Israeli heroism and pride;

- and obeys the orders of his officers.



Tiron - Recruit pupil

Khashmonai - A Hasmonean (Pupil)



Segen - Junior instructor

Rosh Kvutza - Squad leader

Mefaked - Chief instructor

Sar Khamishim - Lord of 50

Sar Mea - Lord of 100

Sar Gdud - Group commander

Sar Elef - Lord of 1000

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